Through my artwork, I have studied and work the image of the black woman. In this 2020,08 May, I had the opportunity to create a homage to what being a black woman means. 
As Black women, under a systematic white society, our image has bent from the bestiality, ugliness, and perversion to recognized symbols of rebellion, struggle and strength. But as a black woman myself, I can't deny that I have felt a scepticism when it becomes to acknowledge my identity, as any of these aspects. 

IAMBLACKWOMANEE explores the reality of a black woman and her own recognition. Yes! We are black and women, but that doesn't define in a enclose imaginary that is often guided by a cadence influenced society.
Being a black woman is being human!

Giclee Print Hannemule 300grms  
190cm x 60cm 
**This piece was part of LONDONGRADS 2020 at Saatchi Gallery Curated by Juan Bolivar
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